E-cigs can help you quit smoking for Christmas

It is the aim of many people to give up smoking by Christmas – and this deserves to be celebrated! Being smoke-free by the time of the annual event means that you can enjoy breathing easier, looking fresher and feeling healthier. E cigarettes are helping to play a positive part in helping people to quit smoking for good.

The great Christmas countdown

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The journey to giving up – a kind of Christmas countdown – shouldn’t seem like a chore! In fact, there’s plenty of positivity along the way, just like having an advent calendar. Rather than chocolates, a great incentive to keep you going is an e cig!

E cigarettes are increasingly recognised as an effective way to help smokers quit. They still deliver nicotine and the amounts can be reduced over time – but without the harmful combinations of chemicals and tar in standard cigarettes.

How e-cigarettes can help

  • Look stylish – a range of e cig models are available, with streamlined designs. This means an e cig can complete a look you’re aiming for, rather than attract the negative attention often associated with cigarettes. Slim silver models and streamlined black units are particularly popular.
  • Fabulous flavours – to keep in-line with the advent theme: you can still have a chocolate treat! When you buy e liquid for your electronic model, you have the chance to pick from a variety of flavours. This means that you can vape sweet or savoury – chocolate flavours are particularly popular at this time of year!
  • Keeps you satisfied – the great thing about an e-cig is that it still occupies your hands and provides a routine. This helps to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Why millions are choosing e-cigs

There are more than 2 million people who use them in the UK, three times as many as was recorded in 2010. But why are e-cigs so popular at the moment and is it worth using them? We look at some of the main advantages.


Choosing the type of cigarette

Environmentally friendly

They’re rechargeable and have less product wastage than normal cigs. They also don’t promote intensive farming like growing tobacco plants does. E-cigs are the better option if you care about the environment.

Better selection of flavours

You can choose from a truly impressive selection of flavours. You name it, an e liquid flavour probably exists for it, from drinks and sweets to traditional menthol and tobacco options in varying strengths.

Control your nicotine intake

You’ll also have the ability to control your nicotine intake. With cigarettes you have to put up with what you’re given but when it comes to electronic cigs it’s as easy as finding a flavour you like and selecting the nicotine strength that best suits you. Some even use e-cigs without any nicotine whatsoever.

No tobacco smell

You don’t have to worry about your clothes or home reeking of stale smoke once you make the transition. Many e-cig liquids have no odour at all and those that do are much less offensive than tobacco is.

Safer than cigarettes

Almost all experts seem to agree that e cigs are a better option than tobacco cigarettes, with Cancer Research UK also stating that e-cigarettes are “almost certainly” a better way to inhale tobacco than traditional methods.

Save money

The bottom line is that the vast majority of people save money when they ditch tobacco. Whereas £5 worth of cigs could last you a day, £5 worth of premium e liquid can easily stretch over the course of a week. The potential for major savings is obvious. Saving hundreds each year is quite common when switching to liquids.


5 benefits of electronic cigarettes

If you’re a smoker but you’re trying to leave your habit by the wayside, there are many options out there. Patches, tablets, therapy – you name it, there’s something geared towards helping smokers stop. But one tobacco alternative which has exploded in popularity in recent years and that we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend are electronic cigarettes.


Stylish vapor sitting in cafe. Modern handsome man with laptop outdoor.

Stylish vapor sitting in cafe. Modern handsome man with laptop outdoor.



Below we’ve outlined some of the best reasons for ditching your traditional cigs for an electronic one!


Money is something we cannot do without, so it’s always nice to have more, right? Well, with e-cigs you can save lots of money. Sure, you need a small investment when buying your first starter kit but once you have the electronic cigarette itself all you need to purchase is your e cig liquid, which are amazingly cheap and last a really long time. A 10ml bottle, which costs only a couple of pounds, could easily last you a week. Comparatively, most smokers will spend around the same amount every single day!


Most smokers are very self-conscious about how they smell, and with good reason! Stale smoke isn’t nice in anybody’s books. With e cigs your clothes and home will have a pleasant smell, assuming your flavour of liquid gives off any smell at all. You can also use them inside your home without having to worry about stains.



While there is a lot of talk about legislation to make e cigs treated in the same way that tobacco products are, you can still use your electronic cigarette in numerous places that traditional smoking just isn’t allowed, whether it be at work or in pubs, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.